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ROCKEN HILFT aims to draw attention to the situation of people with mental disorders, providing information and reducing fear and prejudice.

We want to ensure that help arrives where it is needed and is not slowed down or even prevented by prejudice.

Anyone who recognizes their problems and actively works or wants to work on them should not feel ashamed of them or feel excluded.

DESTIGMATIZATION of mental disorders - that's what ROCKEN HILFT stands for

The focus of our campaign is:

STATEMENTS from public figures, including artists & musicians and experts, such as B. Psychologists;
ATTENTION POSTS , with which we educate about different topics. Psychotherapists and psychologists (among others from the Prof. Dr. Eggers Foundation) support and advise us.





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Video statements:

Check them out - there's nothing to add! 💯💯

Kriminalpsychologin Lydia Benecke für ROCKEN HILFT

Kriminalpsychologin Lydia Benecke für ROCKEN HILFT

🎥 Incoming Video Message by Lydia Benecke 🎥 ⚠️ Triggerwarnung: In diesem Video geht es um Suizidalität. Lydia Benecke, geboren im November 1982 in Beuten (Polen), studierte Psychologie, Psychopathologie und Forensik an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Seit 2009 ist sie als Diplom-Psychologin mit Arbeitsschwerpunkt im Bereich der Gewalt- und Sexualstraftaten tätig. (Quelle: ) Wir sind sehr dankbar, sie für unsere Initiative ROCKEN HILFT gewinnen zu können. Hört Euch an, was sie Euch mit diesem persönlichen Videostatement zu sagen hat! Wenn du selbst Suizidgedanken hast, kontaktiere bitte die rund um die Uhr erreichbare Telefonseelsorge ( unter der kostenlosen Hotline 0800-1110111 oder 0800-1110222 . Dort kannst du anonym ganz offen sprechen. Die Nummer gegen Kummer richtet sich ganz besonders an Jugendliche: Tel. 0800-116111 Hilfe gibt es auch bei der: Deutsche Depressionshilfe: Deutsche Depressionshilfe: "Rat für Angehörige": Weitere Anlaufstellen findet ihr auf: English: 🎥 Incoming video message by Lydia Benecke 🎥 Lydia Benecke, born in Beuten (Poland) in November 1982, studied psychology, psychopathology and forensics at the Ruhr University Bochum. Since 2009 she has been working as a psychologist with a focus on violent and sexual offenses. (Source: We are very grateful to be able to win her over to our ROCKEN HILFT initiative. Listen to what she has to tell you with this personal video statement!

"It is not a weakness to be helped, but a strength."

(Prof. Dr. Eggers)



Our message to you:

Bands about mental health, music and your strength


Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire)

Music has a very unique power - it brings healing, comfort and understanding. It does not judge, demean or shame. It holds us when we feel alone, and cheers for us in our quiet triumphs. It makes us feel part of a family. As a human who personally understands the importance of mental health, I am more than honored to support an organization offering help to the young people who need it most.

Jinjer2021-002 by Alina Chernohor.jpg


In strange and scary times like now, its easy to disappear into the background and feel alone. It‘s not easy but it is important to ask for help. Ask a brother, a sister, a parent ... ask a friend, a neighbor or a colleague. Make a call or send a text. If you can speak the truth about how you really feel - it‘s possible that others are feeling the same way as you do. Just knowing that you are not alone can really help get through the dark times ... never give up! - JINJER



Andras Dörner

Mental and psychotic disorders are sometimes the worst there are. Many tragedies, many suicides could be prevented with the right help. Help the helpers to help, or cry out if you need help!
I shout my burdens from my body on stage, a good valve ...
Music is Cure!


We look forward to you!

Ready to ROCK


We are always looking for  strong voices   for our campaign  ROCKEN HILFT 

Get in touch using our contact form.

In terms of content, we work with Prof. Dr. Eggers Foundation.

As a registered association

With the donations we collect, we support institutions that take care of mentally disordered children and young people.


Rock with us!


Every donation counts:


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*Aus Gründen der besseren Lesbarkeit verwenden wir nur die männliche Form. Gemeint sind stets alle Geschlechter.

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