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Gastbeitrag zum Thema Depressionen
von Christoph Rothhaupt

Dein Thema

There was a time in my life: I no longer wanted, had no more strength, couldn't go on as before. The depression had torn me into its abyss.


It was only after this breakdown that I was able to accept that I couldn't get up on my own. It was thanks to my wife that during the most intense moment of my life I had a number to turn to and seek help.

The people I opened up to have all welcomed me with open arms and helped me to live with them.


Today I can only advise everyone who is struggling with psychological problems - I know it's difficult, but: open yourselves in small steps, your wounds cannot be seen from the outside.


I fought with myself for a long time whether I should reveal what was wrong with me. Through metalcore and post-hardcore music (which gave me an incredible hold in my life) and the musicians, who also dealt more and more with the topic of mental health, at some point I found the strength to talk about it.


You can drop your mask here, but it's easier to live without it! Everyone is unique and special - everyone in their own way. It's OK the way you are and you are not alone!

To put it in the words of Hope for the Day:



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