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We all know that. Times when our mental state fluctuates - mental health suffers. It is not always easy to keep your inner balance, especially when you are under a lot of stress - such as losing your job, being overwhelmed at work or privately, in situations in which everything becomes “too much” or even someone close to you has died.


Each of us perceives such situations differently and processes them in his own way.

We are afraid, we are tense inside, we don't see a solution. Feelings that can be overwhelming. We usually manage to find our way out of these strong negative feelings. We get a “clear view” again, process and find solutions again - see light at the end of the tunnel.


But not always and not all of us succeed in regaining our inner balance without help. On the contrary, even more serious problems can arise and lead to mental illness - panic attacks, self-harm or delusions or even thoughts of suicide - they lead to ever greater stress in everyday life. From this point on, we - those affected and our relatives alike - need individual professional support.


We are not alone and you will not be left alone either!




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