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Rocking Helps: The Campaign for Mental Health

The new ROCKEN HILFT campaign, initiated by the Essen Charity Rock Musikfest team , was launched in March 2020. The main idea is to de-stigmatize mental illness.

In order to achieve this, the team lets public figures, including artists and musicians, as well as experts such as psychologists, have their say. With their statements, they are the focus of the campaign. In terms of content, they work with Prof. Dr. Eggers Foundation.

The campaign is also supported by Born From Pain, Heaven Shall Burn, Carsten Butterwegge and Schandmaul. The whole list is on the homepage!

We believe that this campaign should be given absolute support, because it is often the problems that you cannot see straight away that are the biggest.

Editor Florian P uschke from Tough Magazine

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