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I don't fit in any drawer

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Let's all go inside of us:

Often it happens to us unconsciously and most of us have already experienced it.

A few classic examples:

Tattooed from top to bottom = "Is a criminal"

A colorful, crazy hairstyle and destroyed jeans = "Will rebel / has no job"


This is how it goes for people with mental disorders:

Mentally disordered = "Is dangerous, is lazy, it is your own fault"




We exclude ourselves with this way of thinking and also burden people with mental disorders.


But how should we treat people with mental disorders?


  • impartial

  • factual: inform yourself, get advice and / or support from professional contact points (e.g. psychiatrists, psychotherapists).

  • keep in mind: "It is not a weakness to be helped, but a strength" (quote from Prof. Dr. Eggers)

  • tries to encourage / support them (it is right and important to get help)




Do you need help and advice? You can find contact points on our homepage: (Germany)

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